The shows that appeared on The Railroad Hour were shortened versions of Broadway shows and operettas before 1943.

Naughty Marietta - Operetta by Victor Herbert - Broadcast January 1949

Set in 1780 New Orleans, Naughty Marietta is about Captain Dick Warrington’s search for the pirate, Bras Pique’ and the problems he encounters along the way to finding the pirate and his true love. One of the most famous songs from the operetta is “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life”. Gordon MacRae starred as Captain Warrington and Jeanette MacDonad starred as Naughty Marietta in the radio play.

Show Boat - Musical by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein -Broadcast October 1950

Dorothy Kirsten starred as Magnolia and MacRae starred as Gaylord Ravenal. The play is about the lives of performers on the Cotton Blossom, a riverboat sailing on the Mississippi. It starts on the boat and follows the lives and tribulations of the performers as they leave the boat to pursue stardom or, in one case, leave under duress. The show featured such songs as “Ol’ Man River” and “Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man”.

The Student Prince - Operetta by Sigmund Romberg - Broadcast October 1953

Prince Karl Franz is sent by his grandfather, King Ferdinand, to live as a regular student at the University of Heidelberg to work on his weak social skills and study. He and his valet and his valet’s valet move into an inn. Though he is betrothed to Princess Johanna, he begins to fall in love with the innnkeeper’s daughter, Kathie. At the same time, the princess falls in love with someone else. MacRae stars with Dorothy Kirsten.


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